Ingredients: Coconut oil, Goat Milk and/or Beer, Lye, Fragrance, Mica


What is a felted soap?  It's basically a scrubby and soap in one!  Our alpaca fiber or locally sourced wool is "felted" on to our soap base which allows the soap to come through when wet and act just like a built in washcloth.  When the soap is gone, you will have a colorful little fiber pad to use as a scrubby or you can add it to your compost pile to feed your soil!  Sweet Cranberry is a fruity fall fragrance that has notes of tart cranberries, lemon, orange and a splash of sugar.



Each bar handcrafted in loving detail and small batches with the cheerful assistance of my own pampered animals. Many ingredients are sourced from my hobby farm snuggled deep in the heart of the colorful Missouri Ozarks.


Let your imagination soar and I will bring your ideas to life with your custom order, using colors, fragrances and designs of your choosing for special occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, Christian retreats, etc. Swag bags, party favors or gift boxes to cheer a friend are simple and fun with your custom ideas! Colors can include natural or cosmetically safe micas and eco-glitters and a variety of swirl techniques and embed methods. Fragrances can be from our phthalate-free fragrance oils or essential oils or custom blends of both. (Custom labeling for special events will include my email address, as well as soap ingredients so that recipients can check for allergies.)


Impress and delight your friends with the sweet fruity fragrance to be found on every bar ofSweet Cranberry Felted Soap, or treat yourself to this scrubby, delicious smelling bar. Pamper yourself and your skin with the rich wonder of natural ingredients and farm-fresh goodness. For the cleanest, bubbliest, sparkliest fun around, buy a bar of Bizzy B’s blissfully beautiful soap!

Bizzy B's Sweet Cranberry Felted Soap, 2 or 3 oz

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