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Meet Bizzy B's Artist, Betsy Gundersen

Hey there, friend!  I am Betsy Gundersen, the owner and artist of Bizzy B's Soaps.  I love creating beautiful and skin friendly products for customers with problem skin.  I hope you find something that will work for you, but if not, please reach out and see how I can customize something to suit your specific needs.

My family and I live on a working farm in the Ozarks of Missouri where we raise our beloved alpacas, goats and poultry.  I also harvest many types of herbs and botanicals on our farm that find their way into many of my products either as colorants, infused into olive oils to boost skin loving properties, or even as bath teas.

My primary love is creating and designing soaps that are beautiful and practical.  I love designing them, creating them, packaging and sending them to customers who love them so much!  If you order a custom creation from me, you will get 1:1 attention in designing your perfect recipe, design - including fragrance and colors, and any other details you need, such as labels, soap stamps, soap sculptures and/or soap piping.  As an added bonus, every soap is created with a song and a prayer for it's recipient to help it provide you with an extra blessing!

Check out some of the steps in my process:

                  Cutting bars                                   Bevelling bar edges                         Heat shrinking bar wraps

I hope you will let me help you discover your skin's favorite soap!  Together we can find a way to make you comfortable in your own skin - Beautifully!

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