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Custom created wedding reception favors with sculpted soap flowers and soap piped elements

Frequently Asked Questions

Goat milk soap with natural colorants of annatto seed and paprika infused in olive oil scented with Candied Citrus fragrance oil
Mother's Brewing Company beer soap Rated R
Mother's Brewing Company custom label for Big Helper beer soap

Why should I use a handmade soap? Commercially manufactured soaps remove the natural glycerin formed in the saponification process of soap making and replace it with surfactants and other chemicals to replicate the glycerin removed.  Handmade soap maintains the natural glycerin created in the soapmaking so that your skin gets the benefit of its protective and moisture retaining properties.

What other benefits do these soap ingredients give my skin?  Coconut oil features highly in my products, but I also use olive oil and locally sourced lard for some items or special orders.  Coconut and Olive oils are highly prized for its ability to support your skins natural moisture while still being a highly cleansing soap with a fluffy or thick lather.  What most people don't realize, is that lard also supports your skin the same way AND creates a harder, longer lasting bar of soap with a rich, creamy lather.

Are custom creations expensive?  A single color, single scent soap with one of my base recipes can be very affordable for handmade soap.  You get between 9-12 bars, depending on size, for about $60, which includes tax, shipping or local delivery.  More complicated designs, fragrances, or changes in base recipes can be more.


How long does it take for a custom creation?  Most products can be created and shipped within a week.  The exception is soap bars, which can take 4-6 weeks to ship, depending on cure rates.  The longer the cure rate, the harder the bar and the longer it lasts!

How do I order a custom creation?  Click below and fill out a simple form about your needs.  Then I will contact you via your preferred method to discuss more in depth and give you a few sketch designs for your product, if necessary.

Do you provide unique labeling for Custom Creations?  Yes, upon request and it is an additional small fee.  If you are making a large order for an upcoming event, such as a Christian retreat, party favors or wedding reception, I can create a custom label to incorporate colors, themes or scripture verses in place of my normal labeling.  By law, I must include my contact info (usually my website address) and as a courtesy to those with sensitivities or allergies, I include an ingredient list.


What is the difference between a Custom Creation and a Wholesale Order?  A Custom Creation generally only includes a single item or batch ordered whereas a Wholesale Order is contracted to meet a minimum dollar or batch requirement and recurs at least quarterly.

Do you provide custom labeling for Wholesale Orders?  This is negotiable.  If you have a specific look you are going for, I can incorporate that into the labeling.  If you prefer to label my products yourself and want to have "naked" items, I will provide you with the ingredients list to incorporate into your labeling, as well as my contact details.

Does a Wholesale Order include a contract?  Yes.  This is renewable each year.  Once signed, we can begin creating your orders. 

custom soap labels for events such as wedding receptions, party favors, Christian retreats
Mother's Brweing Company beer soap Pucker Punch
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