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To qualify for wholesale purchasing, you must do one of the following:
1. Contract to purchase at least 4 batches of soap (36-48 bars) or 48 lotions/lotion bars at least quarterly (4 times per year), or other combination of products on an ongoing basis, OR
2. Order a large number (75+) of product for a single event/single theme (Christian retreat, wedding/birthday favors, or other church related events).
Please note: Soaps could require up to 6 weeks advance notice to complete, including shipping time.
Wholesale Options Quote
Mother's Brewing Company beer soap Fruit Stripe

Thanks for contacting us!  Betsy will reach out about your needs soon.

Mother's Brewing Company beer soap Pucker Punch
Mother's Brewing Company beer soap Rated R
Mother's Brewing Company beer soap Materfamilias
Snowman with a green scarf and hat, gingerbread man and snowman wearing a red scarf and hat
wedding reception favors of pigs with soap sculptured flowers amd soap piping elements
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