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All products ship within 2 business days of paid order receipt, EXCEPT custom orders.  Custom orders will ship within 7 days of paid order completion.  For bar soaps, this could be 4-6 weeks after order is placed, to allow for soap cure rate.

If you live in an area of the US that is prone to extreme temperatures (heat and cold), then some products may require prompt attention at delivery to keep from melting/freezing.  These products will be sent with a Signature Confirmation to insure they are received and not left in the elements.  There is an additional cost for this service.


No returns are accepted.  If you have a product with an issue, please contact us for info on an exchange or refund. 

Please note:  We reserve the right to ask for photographic evidence.  Shipping issues should be addressed with the shipping company prior to contacting us.  If a product received has been accurately described in the product description, including flaws, no refund will be given for a complaint in relation to that flaw.

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