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Store Policy
    We are a small business trying to make a difference in this big world.  We believe in making awesome-smelling and beautiful products that are affordable and good for you and the environment.  If you don't see something you like, please let us know as we do make custom orders, especially for people with allergies and sensitivities that may not allow them to use "commercial" soap products.

Our descriptions are accurate to the best of our knowledge, so please be sure to read through the ingredient lists so you can be aware of what ingredients were used in the creation of your purchase.  If you have questions about an ingredient, please reach out to us!

The emails that we collect allow us to subscribe you to our New Releases and Sales emails each month and can be easily unsubscribed from in your account settings.  We never sell your info to others.  Financial data is all handled by a third party payment processor, such as Wix or PayPal, and we never see any of it.

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