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Barnyard mix of turkey's available for sale in singles or trios (Tom and 2 Hens).  These could include mixes between Bronze, Narangasett, Blue Slates, Bourbon reds or Royal Palms.  THESE ARE NOT PUREBREEDS.  They are mixes of these breeds that people can have to raise their own turkeys as pets or food.  They make a heavier than average turkey due to hybrid vigor.


All of these turkeys are about 1 year old, laying fertile eggs, and are friendly. 


It is recommended that you have them in an enclosed coop for about a week after purchasing them, and clip at least one wing, as they do like to roost in trees and need to learn where home is before being let out to roam.

Turkey's, single or trio

PriceFrom $50.00
Excluding Sales Tax

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